Beauty on the Bay

January 5, 2017 by eTrac

eTrac has office locations in California, Washington and Alaska where project planning, data processing, and product generation occurs. We also staff our “mobile offices”, the vessels on which data is collected and QC’d on a regular basis. We are dependent on our fleet of vessels and the employees that spend day after day on the water throughout the west coast supporting the dredging, charting and environment remediation industry. There is a dynamic relationship between data collection on the water and data processing in our office for the overall quality control of our products to our clients. Here is a photograph of R/V Ekko, on of the many vessels in our fleet, in the San Francisco Bay.¬†





One of the many benefits to our “mobile offices” is the incredible view. ¬†This was taken around 6AM near the Port of San Francisco – Watching the sun rise over the bay while surveying some of the surrounding piers and marinas.