Surveys and Demolition of the Old Oakland – San Francisico Bay Bridge

January 17, 2018 by eTrac

In 2017, eTrac was part of the team that demolished the Old Oakland San Francisico Bay Bridge. In 2015, eTrac surveyed the area beneath the old and new bridges, in order to map locations of cables, pipelines and debris.  This data was integral when navigating the spud barges and anchors used when removing the spans of the Old Bay Bridge.  This data continued to be used during all phases of the demolition phases of each pier, for navigation, placing the compressor barge, positioning a crane barge for attenuation frame placement, and cleanup of the post blast.


crane pic


eTrac also had a dynamic role to support of the preparation, detonation, and post blast cleanup of each bridge Pier.  We positioned the blast attenuation curtains by performing a small dynamic multibeam survey to ensure that each attenuation frame was in the proper location to provide complete bubble curtain coverage.  These surveys were instantly imaged and displayed in the crane cab to assist in the replacement and adjustments of each frame. During the demolition process we surveyed each pier numerous time to provide pre-blast, post-blast and post-cleanup data sets. Prior to each detonation as well as directly after, eTrac surveyed the East Bay MUD outfall.  The pre- and post-detonation data was compared onsite to confirm no movement and no degradation occurred on the outfall.  In the days following, products would be finalized and delivered to complete the assessment.


During the cleanup phase, eTrac provided pre-cleanup/post-blast data, along with conditional, feature survey and post-cleanup final surveys and products. Throughout the project we provided navigation services to barge and crane movements to ensure the safety of crew and infrastructure while placing spuds and anchors around sensitive cables and pipelines.