About Us

Established in 2003, eTrac Inc. offers integrated services to the Marine Industry in both the private and government sectors. The business has focused on continually improving our focus on delivering hydrographic survey, vessel monitoring and positioning (DQM) and we are proud to be able to offer a streamlined field to finish approach to the most demanding projects offered by the industry.

Staffing Capacity

eTrac maintains an employee base with the following credentials:

Vessel and Equipment Capacity

eTrac maintains offices in California, Washington, and Alaska and a sizeable fleet of survey craft up to 35ft in length stationed along the West Coast to Alaska. Our geographically spaced operations allow us to easily respond to West Coast projects quickly and efficiently. Additionally through a network of leasing and partnering companies, we are able to quickly respond to task orders both nationally and internationally.


In addition to the fleet of vessels, eTrac maintains a robust stock of survey equipment including the following systems: