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Channel Migration in Dillingham, AK

eTrac assisted the USACE in monitoring the migration of the main channel of the Nushagak River by Dillingham, providing the first full multibeam survey of the area. It appears that the deepest part of the river is getting closer to Dillingham.  This is the first in an ongoing series of

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Dredging Surveys in Central California

eTrac performed pre-dredge, conditional, and post-dredge surveys at a harbor in Central California. The depth differences can be best viewed by observing these images from the pre-dredge and post-dredge surveys. The surveys were 8 days apart, the majority of the dredging occurred in areas 3D, 3C, 3B, and 3A. Data

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Object Detection in the Bay

eTrac performed an object detection survey in the Bay Area where many underwater obstructions were found including a car, multiple boats, and the remnants of a deteriorating pier.  Remnants of the pier were visible at low tide, but not during high tide, making the survey more challenging. The high detail

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NOAA announces $4 million in funding to build coastal resilience

Earlier this month, as part of its efforts to provide communities and businesses with products, tools, services, and funding to better address weather- and climate-related threats, NOAA announced $4 million in recommended funding for six habitat restoration projects across the United States. Read more here.   

Surveys Around the Bay

This November eTrac completed a multibeam bathymetric survey of Marina Bay Yacht Harbor. The entrance channel, basin, and berths were surveyed defining shoals and slopes. eTrac planned the survey around the highest high tide in order to acquire compete coverage under the docks and along the shoreline using the multibeam

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Colombia says treasure-laden San Jose galleon found

From mapping shipping channels to finding sunken treasure ships –  the applications of hydrographic survey are limitless! To read more about Columbia’s recent discovery, click here.  

The end of an era in SFBay

Long-Awaited Bay Bridge Implosion Goes Off Without A Hitch ‘Bubble Curtain’ to Aid Bay Bridge Pier Implosion

Big Changes for the Bay Bridge

Sonar imagery of the seabed and structure of the Bay Bridge pier before the implosion and post-implosion. Apparent success for the first of a dozen or more to come during the coming years. It’s exciting to be a part of such a unique effort that is core to our local

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NOAA Charting in the Gulf of Mexico

In early 2015, eTrac Inc. was awarded a contract to map approximately 80 Sq. nautical miles within the Gulf of Mexico. The survey effort focused on mapping the approaches to Panama City, FL in order to update nautical charting products to a modern standard.

New Additions to the Survey Vessel Fleet

eTrac has purchased its 8th and 9th survey vessels. The first, an aluminum 21′ Thunderjet. The vessel’s first project is to support a dive operation with a local dive firm in support of a debris removal operation. Divers were positioned with GPS and motion sensor, coupled to a USBL and

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