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Modeling Pile Locations from High Resolution Multibeam Data

Multibeam data was collected using an R2 Sonic 2024 coupled with an Applanix PosMV Position and Motion system. Modeling was performed in AutoCAD Civil 3D. The data will be used to assist engineers in a seismic upgrade to the pier scheduled for 2015.

eTrac Provides Positioning for TBC Cable Maintenance

Transbay Power/fiber-optic cable + pipeline inspection and protection. Surface and Sub-surface Positioning. Rock and concrete mat placement.

2013 Summer Pipeline Mapping Season in Cook Inlet, AK

Another successful season of pipeline mapping in the Cook Inlet, AK. Thanks to all our clients for allowing us these interesting and challenging opportunities.

eTrac Performs Initial Testing of R2Sonic Integrated INS

R2Sonic – Integrated Inertial Navigation System. Extremely encouraging first system test comparisons against POSMV Wavemaster V5 RTK.

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Alameda, CA Coastal Development Project

High resolution multibeam sonar survey – Engineering assessment of coastal area prior to remediation. Submerged wreckage area surveyed, features identified and descriptive report generated. Submerged, broken piles and dock features depicted in attached pics

eTrac Performs Concrete Outfall Pipeline Inspection

Concrete Outfall Pipeline inspection, placement of armor rock QA/QC and As-built survey. R2Sonic 2024 / PosMV / HYPACK/HYSWEEP and Terramodel

eTrac purchases it’s 7th vessel!

24′ Aluminum Hydrographic Survey Vessel purchased in Dec 2013. Current name is “Little Dude”… updated name suggestions are welcome. We’ll keep you updated as she gets her modifications and custom fabrications.

Combining Multibeam and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technologies

Working in the shallow water coastal environment, eTrac is commonly tasked with providing not only Hydrographic data, but also upland topographic data. This represents one of those surveys. Hydrographic data was collected using a vessel mounted multibeam system at a high tide and topographic data was collected using a static

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