Hydrographic Survey and Mapping

eTrac Inc. is built upon the understanding that hydrographic surveying is an extremely specialized function: our professional staff holds advanced degrees, professional licenses, extensive training with hydrographic sensors and processing systems, and certification by the ACSM/THSOA as Certified Inshore Hydrographers. Our staff brings decades of professional experience acquiring multibeam, singlebeam, sidescan, and sub-bottom sonar data in the most challenging coastal environments. The hydrographic surveys performed by eTrac Inc. adhere to IHO, USACE, and NOS Hydrographic Survey Standards and are supervised by a Certified Hydrographer.

eTrac Inc. has completed large and small scale hydrographic survey projects for governmental and private sector clients on all US Coasts including Alaska, Hawaii, Great Lakes region, and inland waterways. Our products and analyses have received high praise for our thoroughness, expertise and prompt delivery.

eTrac Inc. provides a variety of hydrographic services within the marine industry including:


Marine Construction and Dredging

eTrac provides hydrographic survey services for a number of marine construction applications including channel and berth maintenance dredging, pier construction, pier demolition, and breakwater/jetty construction. These engineering surveys require high accuracies and a great attention to detail that eTrac is accustomed to providing.


Target Detection

eTrac provides hydrographic search and location services for a myriad of needs. From positioning abandoned well heads to locating sunken debris, eTrac has the capability to locate most any objects within coastal waters. Using efficient search patterns and high resolution sensors, eTrac has the experience and equipment to complete your target detection projects.


Pipeline Inspection

eTrac provides pipeline mapping services throughout the continental US and Alaska.  With the use of Multibeam and Sidescan technologies, we are able to collect highly detailed pipeline information.  we provide full delivery packages with each pipeline inspection including detailed information of free-spans and stabilization efforts such as concrete mats and sandbags.


Coastal Mapping

eTrac provides coastal survey services for a variety of industry needs. From coastal inlets to river mouths, hydrographic survey is a necessity for understanding sediment transport systems. We provide the highly accurate data necessary for coastal management projects.


Structural Survey and Analysis

eTrac provides highly accurate structural surveys within the nearshore zone. By combining multibeam sonars with 3D terrestrial laser scanners, we are able to create seamless point clouds throughout the coastal environment, regardless of waterline location. This capability has proven itself to be highly effective in a number of applications.


Geophysical Survey and Analysis

eTrac provides geophysical survey services to support a number of industry needs including pipeline installation and stabilization, hazard route surveys, and renewable energy location feasibility surveys. With the use of specialized hydrographic sensors such as Sub-Bottom profilers, magnetometers, and acoustic doppler current profilers, we are able to provide detailed information of ocean and seafloor characteristics local to your marine project.


Terrestrial Scanning and Analysis

eTrac provides high resolution topographic scanning services for a range of industry needs. With use of 3D topographic scanners operating in either a static or mobile fashion, we are able to provide highly detailed point clouds. These point clouds can then be analyzed in an office environment and detailed information can easily be extracted and reported.


Resource Management

eTrac provides survey services for a number of marine and water resource management needs including reservoir volume studies, quarry sediment volume studies, and marine habitat mapping. With our suite of high resolution mapping equipment, we are able to provide highly detailed and extremely accurate information for resource calculations.


Diver and Equipment Positioning

eTrac provides positioning services for a number of marine applications including commercial diving applications, bridge pier maintenance, and pipeline stabilization. With the use of technologies such as MS-1000 side scanning sonars and Blueview 3D scanning sonars, we are able to provide realtime positioning in challenging marine environments in support of most any marine construction project.